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Water tank services
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Water Tank Re-Roof
Water tank services
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Water tank services

Water Tank Services – Commercial and domestic tanks
Fully insured – Confined space approved

Our services include: 
Water tank cleaning, water tank repairs & maintenance, water tank install, water tank re-roof, water filters/filtration systems, water treatment and testing
Servicing: Southern Highlands, Illawarra, South Coast NSW, ACT, Sydney, Hawkesbury

Why should you clean your tank?

Clean water after cleaning sludge out of water tank
BEFORE and AFTER Tank Cleaning
If you haven't had your tank cleaned in some time - chances are that this is what will be sitting in the bottom - YUCK!

If you live in rural, or semi-rural NSW you more than likely will have your own fresh water supply. This could be in the form of:

  • A rain water tank connected to your roof
  • A tank connected to a nearby bore, well, spring or stream

We all want clean, fresh drinking water for our family, but did you know, according to NSW health guidelines we should clean our watertanks every 2-3 years?

Your private drinking water supply can become contaminated from

  • Leaking septic tanks and wasterwater runoff if you have an   underground tank
  • Tree / root systems
  • Contamination could be from harmful microorganisms, such as viruses, bacteria and parasites from bird and animal droppings or even animal carcasses!
  • If you have a septic tank or waste water drainage - this can contaminate your bore water

If these harmful microorganisms are left in your tank, they may cause severe health problems such as gastroenteritis and giardia affecting the health of you, your family and your guests!

Health Guidelines stipulate that your water tank be inspected and cleaned every 2-3 years!

The Tank & Chimney Men will inspect, clean, and maintain your water tank ensuring you of FRESH CLEAN Drinking Water, EVERYTIME!- AND we supply & fit metal roofs to water tanks helping you keep your water cleaner, for longer.

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Water Tank Cleaning - sediment
and debris removal

What Else Do We Do?

Water Tank Repairs 
We repair:

Water Filtration Systems
We are able to customise and install a water filtration/filter set up to meet your requirements and needs.Be it a simple house filtration system or a top of the line ultra violet sterilization system.

Guttering Solutions

Some recent projects